The Biography of a Goddess
Sinstress by Simon Wolak

I am a Professional Pervert, a Fetishist, a Performer, a Fetish Model, a Sadist & an Artist.

I have been Dominant, Bossy & Bitchy all of My life. Naturally, I matured into a Spoiled Princess & Seductress. By nature, I am a TEASE. I laugh at other's expense. I am all you desire and then some. I am aggressive. I expand all boundaries. I am creative. I am mysterious. I like a mental challenge. I am complex. I am Independent. I am Feminine. I am Graceful. I am imaginative. I bust balls. I am not afraid of the unknown. I have high expectations. I do not settle for second best, nor do I give second chances.

I recognize My Inner Strength & Power as a Superior Female. I am too much for most boys & men to handle. All others should proceed with EXTREME caution.

I began My career as a professional Dominatrix in 2000. I apprenticed at Two Highly Reputed Establishments- Jade's Dungeon and Lilith's Sanctuary. In 2003, I became an independent Mistress & joined forces with the Goddess Project. In 2004, I broke out on My own. The Sinistry came to life- My own private & immaculate dungeon. In 2005, I opened My first Member's Site. In 2011, My Fetish Addictions & MyOralAddictions were born. Both sites continue to grow on a weekly basis. In 2012, I relocated to My dungeon to Wicker Park. It's new name is the Chicago Reformatory. And I welcome you to visit My dungeon & enjoy yourself by serving Me or any of the skilled & talented Women I work with. Explore My site & Enjoy!

I am the High Priestess of Pleasure and Pain- Miss Maya Sinstress


Chicago's Headquarters for Taboo, Bdsm, Fetish & Domination. Emphasis on Heavy Bondage, Mind Control, Corporal Punishment, Slave Training, Strap On Training, Humiliation, Forced Bi, Public Humiliation, Financial Domination, Otk Spanking, Tickle Torture, Sensory Deprivation, Golden Showers, Full Toilet Training, Foot Worship, Boot Worship, Medical Scenes, Play Piercing, Invereted Suspension, Puppy Play, Role Play, Religious Scenes, Racial Humiliation, Poisonous Seduction, Smoking Fetish, Latex Fetish, Mummification, Cock and Ball Torture, Nipple Torture, Spread Eagle Bondage, Castration Scenes, Human Ashtray, Dildo Sucking, Forced Femme, Latex Vac Bed Play, Trampling, Scissor Holds & More. Chicago Bdsm & Private Fetish Parties for Members Only.