Sinstress' Personals Items for Sale

Gifts & Money Orders for purchases may be sent to:
Miss Maya S.
P.O. Box 577412
Chicago, Il. 60657

I do also accept payment through gift rocket, money pack cards and select gift cards.


Photo Prints $25 for an 8 x 10 image. Additional photos are $20. All Photos for sale may be customized with four options: 1. Mistress' Autograph, 2. A personal note from Miss Maya, 3. A lipstick kiss or 4. Scented with Miss Maya's perfume. Customized Photos are An Additional $10. Shipping included.
Worn Stocking or Pantyhose My sweaty stockings or pantyhose can be yours for $50. I have quite a large variety and styles. Your requested item will be worn for 2 day and then be put in a ziplock bag & sent overnight air. Shipping included.
Sweaty Gym Socks Mistress Maya will remove Her socks after Her workout, put them in a sealed bag & send them directly to you! Only $45 a pair! That includes over night delivery.
Used Lipstick The color depends on what is available. I mostly wear shaded of reds. $30 shipping included.
Worn Panties This is the real deal. Sinstress will wear Her panties for 1 entire day & night then ship them out to you in the morning in a sealed bag. Tribute for this is $75. Panties worn after a hot sex scene $125.
Humiliation in a box This is a mystery box of humiliating objects. What could be included? Perhaps, a used tampon, booger tissues, a used condom, toe nail clippings or specific items with instructions. For this honor a $50 or greater tribute is required.
A cycle of used Tampons This can be anywhere from 12- 20 tampons. They will be frozen upon use. When Her cycles is complete, you will be over night shipped all of them. This item is only $200. For just one tampon, it is $40.
Cigarette Butts Sinstress will apply lipstick, enjoy Her cigarette & then seal it up & ship it to you. $25 for 1 butt. $5 for each additional butt.
Ordering Directions
The following items may be purchased through p*ypal, money pack or with a money order. Send an email stating what you want to Be sure to include your shipping address. If you are payng through money order, neatly type out what you desire & send a money order with the letter. I do NOT accept personal checks. There will be no return address or indications of contents. If you have specific shipping requests, you may submit them by email. All international orders require additional tribute for shipping.
Chicago's Headquarters for Taboo, Bdsm, Fetish & Domination. Emphasis on Heavy Bondage, Mind Control, Corporal Punishment, Slave Training, Strap On Training, Humiliation, Forced Bi, Public Humiliation, Financial Domination, Otk Spanking, Tickle Torture, Sensory Deprivation, Golden Showers, Full Toilet Training, Foot Worship, Boot Worship, Medical Scenes, Play Piercing, Invereted Suspension, Puppy Play, Role Play, Religious Scenes, Racial Humiliation, Poisonous Seduction, Smoking Fetish, Latex Fetish, Mummification, Cock and Ball Torture, Nipple Torture, Spread Eagle Bondage, Castration Scenes, Human Ashtray, Dildo Sucking, Forced Femme, Latex Vac Bed Play, Trampling, Scissor Holds & More. Chicago Bdsm & Private Fetish Parties for Members Only.