My Interests are divided into 5 categories: Bondage, Fetish, Role Play, Torture & Sensory Play.

It's your responsibility to know my turn on's & turn off's. My current favorites are highlighted in Pink. Review My Interests & Determine which of them appeals to you & what your hard limits May be.

Arm Binders Blind Folds caging cbb
Chain Link gags hoods japanese rope
latex bondage latex vac bed leather restraint Leg Binder
mental & physical restraint mummification plaster encasement posture Collar
rope harness spreader bars Stockade straight Jacket
stretching out suspension taping (duct & electrical) weighing down

Baloon Play & Popping Biting Boot Worship Clown Play
Food Play Foot Worship (clean/ Dirty) Gloves Hair Brushing
Hair Removal/ Shaving latex leather messy play/ sploshing
needle Play pie throwing shoe worship showers (all)
spitoon smoke inhalation smoke fetish & ashtray tickling

Animal/ Pet Training alter boy/ priestess cannibal scene castration (Role play only)
Concentration camp confessional cop & thief cross dressing sissy
crucifixion or hanging dental exam dissection fantasy drill sergeant
execution forced acceptance of female superiority forced corner time forced domestic activities
forced femminization forced servitude forced violation (intrusive) forced wholesome activities
giantess fantasy goddess worship human ashtray human carpeting
human decoration/ art human furniture human receptacle humiliation (public /private)
humiliation of corporate lifestyle infantalism/ age play interrogation kidnapping
maid training medical scenes physical examination prisoner scene
religious scenes restraint training satanic ritual secretary/ boss
sexual harassment sissy slut training slave auctioning slave training
teacher/ student tease & denial voyeur scene white race superiority

abrasion asphyxiation belting blood sports
Branding breath control caning cbt
cutting drowning fire cupping flogging
forced pain training humiliation (mental) injections/ inflation nipple torture
needles under nails paddling piercing punching
scratching slapping smushing sounding
spanking suturing temperature play trampling
tweezing Violet wand whipping

blind folds body bags breathing tubes ear plugs
fur mitt ice inflatible hood nose plug
nova pro (light & sound) penis pump pin wheel suction cups
strap on tease & denial vibrators wax play

body worship (intimate) Face sitting Fluid exchange jobs (foot, hand, blow, rim)
nudity on my part queening sexual acts "toilet paper service"
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disrespectful slaves body odor smothering lengthy discussions
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