Commonly Asked questions & My Gracious Answers
This page will answer questions that are commonly asked by slaves and novices. If your questions are not answered on this page, you may email Miss_Maya@Sinstress.net and beg for a response.
Q. How often do you check your email or answer phone calls?
A. For My regular slaves, I answer My phone every day. If I do not recognize the number, generally I do not pick up. I prefer email to phone. I check My email daily.
Q. How long do you prefer to play for? Do you offer extended sessions?
A. For an initial session, 90 minutes to 2 hours is the perfect amount of time to play. In this duration, we can explore a handful of activities that are your and My favorites. The longer the session, the more time you have to ween in and out of subspace. I do offer hour sessions. But, I prefer to take My time and really indulge in the scene. For Heavy Bondage sessions, I would recommend 3 to 4 hours. I do enjoy extended sessions, over night sessions and weekend retreats. I do not recommend sessions over 4 hours for people new to playing.
Q. I do not live in your city. But, I would love to play with you. What should I do?
A. Not every one can plan a special trip to Chicago just to see Me, which would be ideal. If you would like Me to consider making a special trip to your city, do send an email with your city name as the title. If I plan a trip to your city, I will notify you a few weeks before arrive. I will , on occassion, make special trips to see worthy slaves. But, I do expect to be compensated very well. I also expect My airfare and hotel paid for. My passport is current, and I enjoy international travel.
Q. How Much is your tribute? How Long are Sessions?
A. My tribute varies based on the individuality and amount of preparation for your fantasy to come to life. In general, My Tribute for an hour session in My private dungeon is around $300. Additional Hours May be discounted to $250 or $200. It is best to tell Me your fantasy and ask for a tribute quote. Your session fantasy may be more or less depending.
Q. Where is Your Dungeon located? Is there parking available? Is it easy to catch a cab?
A. My Dungeon is located in the Wicker Park/ Humboldt Park area. There is gated parking available for slaves coming in for 4 hour or longer sessions. Otherwise, there is street parking available, some metered, some nonmetered. Catching a cab is also easy. Or I can call one for you if you notify Me in advance.
Q. Is the dungeon private? Is it safe and clean?
A. My Play Space is Private and NonCommercial. When you schedule a session, My dungeon is reserved just for you. Thus, you will not encounter other clients before, after or during your session. I play safe, sane and consentually. All equiptment & toys are cleaned after each use.
Q. I am very nervous but really want to experience My first session. I fear I am too afraid to actually go through with it. What should I do?
A. For nervous novices, I would recommend scheduling a consultation session. A consultation can take place at My dungeon or a coffee shop, restaurant, etc. I would be dressed in street clothes. This would not be a roleplay. During this time, We would only talk. All of your questions & concerns would be addressed. This is a good opportunity to get to know each other in a less intimidating way. But, I still expect you to show Me absolute respect and adoration.
Q. I am downtown. Can I come in for a session in an hour?
A. Absolutely Not. I am available for session by appointment only. I can not magically click My heels and be ready for session in one hour. Nor would I want to. Such a request is considered very rude and disrespectful. You are here to serve My needs, not the other way around. I require at least 24 - 48 hours notice for sessions. On occassion, I may accept a same day appointment. But, never expect this unless you wish to compensate with a larger tribute.
Q. Do you require a cash deposit for sessions?
A. On occassion, I do require a money order deposit with new clients or flakey slaves. Some Sessions longer than 2 hours in length & multiple Mistress sessions require a $50 nonrefundable deposit that is applied to your session tribute. Slaves wishing to session on a weekend may be subject to pay a deposit because they are scheduling outside of My available hours. Flakey Clients or Black List Offenders Must Pay a Deposit. All others are Not required to pay a deposit.
Q. How come sessions are so expensive? I used to see a Dominatrix last year & paid $175 or $200 for an hour session.
A. Most commercial dungeons do offer lower price sessions. But, recall the expression "you get what you pay for". i have 15 years of experience as a professional dominaxrix & my reputation & skill proceed me. I own My own dungeon, which is VERY expensive to have and maintain. And there is never more than 1 session at a time. Commercial dungeons generally have multiple sessions at a time. So, consider it paying for complete privacy & no risk. I take pride in my dungeon, selection of toys & equiptment. And I travel to conventions & take classes to keep Me informed on bdsm updates, new toys & new kinks. When you crawl through my door, you will see the difference. I will also remind you that seeing a pro domme is a luxury.
Q. Can I be your houseboy, 24/7 property or personal slave?
A. No. No. No. I am not looking for a personal or live in slave. Nor would I even consider such an outlandish request from a stranger. The position of houseboy is only available to slaves that I professionally see on a regular basis & have known for years. Otherwise, I am a professional Mistress & My time is to be compensated. Domestic Servitude Training is possible during session time. Do not ever call Me for this request or I will block your number.
Q. Is it appropriate to bring a gift for you Mistress? Is tipping appropriate? How Much Do I Tip?
A. Generosity is a lovely trait. It isn't mandatory to bring gift or tip, but it definatley leaves an impression on your Sinstress. Generous slaves may be rewarded with extra session time or treats. Those choosing to tip should present what they can afford. $25 to $100 is a common donation. Gift ideas are located on My wishlist. I love to be spoiled.

Q. Can another Mistress watch the session? Can other Mistress' humiliate Me during the session?

A. Other Goddess' are available to observe or play during your session. Arrangements must be made with at least 24 hours prior notice. There are many gorgeous, skilled Dominas in Chicago who I love taking double sessions with. If you are into heavy humiliation, this is ideal. You should note that double and triple Goddess sessions start at $400 for the hour. Many details would need to be discussed before scheduling this type of appointment.I do also have vanilla friends who are available to watch but not participate.

Q. Who are your favorite Mistress' to accept double sessions with?

A. In Chicago, I adore double sessions with all of the Ladies listed on My site, especially Mistress Vine & Domina Vera.. Mistress Xena, Miss Victoria Cayne & Mistress Shana are a few of the Dommes I enjoy topping with.. I do have visiting Mistress' and Masters who I enjoy playing with- Master Karkus (Madison), , Mistress Wynter (NYC), Irene Boss (Pittsburg), Domina Snow (Columbus), Mina Meow (L.A.), Kendra James (Florida), Goddess Sativa (L.A.). If you are in any of these cities, I highly recommend you session with these skilled people.
Q. Is your dungeon available to rent for private sessions, photo shoots or private parties?
A. Yes, My Play Space is available for rental by skilled, reputable and professional Dominas that I personally know. Visiting Mistress' and local Dominas are welcome to rent My space for private play time. My Dungeon is also available for photo/ video shoots. Arrangements must be made at least a few days in advance. Visiting Dommes with a Great Reputation have full stay priviledges.
Q. May I request a specific wardrobe reqeust for session time? Is this a rude quesiton?
A. You are welcome to buy Me fetish attire to wear during our session. Otherwise, You should state what garments, stockings, accessories, boots, corsets and fetish material you have a preference for. I can often honor your request. If you show Me the specific photo that you saw, I can match up what I had on in that image to my best degree. Such a treat. Wardrobe requests that are the size of a script will go unread. My wardrobe consists of latex, vintage undergarments, corsets, stockings, leather, pvc, etc.
Q. Can you take photos of Me tied up during session if I bring a camera? Can I take pics of your feet, tattoos, shoes, etc. so I can better remember the session? Can We video tape the session?
A. Photographs and video taping are both possible during session. Session photos are available for $25 or $50 depending on your request. Video taping a session starts at $100 additional for the hour. A second Mistress can also be available to tape the session for another additional $100. Making such requests without giving appropriate tribute will result in a big fat " NO ". If you are willing to go unmasked and have your photos featured on My member's site, I would be happy to take snap shots of our play time at no charge. Note- you must be a U.S. citizen over 18 years of age with 2 valid forms of id.
Q. I saw your video site "My Fetish Addictions". What can I do to be a video slave?
A. I accept video slaves who are respectful, trustworthy and open to many activites. The tribute for being a video slave is $150 an hour. If you have a specific scene that you want done "your way" or are only open to one activity, The tribute is the same as a normal hour session. And you will receive a copy of the content.
Q. Do you cater to nonbdsm related activities like Sexual Acts, body worship, massage or escorting? Will you session topless or naked?
A. Go Fuck Yourself. It is scumbags and wankers like you that add negative connotation to professional Domination. Those who would consider making such a request should also consider that I will log your number into My black book for future reference & you will be banned from my play space. It's called Respect, bitch.


More Questions and Answers will appear shortly. You may send your Praises & inquiries to Miss_Maya@Sinsterss.net.


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